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Novel Thomas

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Editorial Assistant/Copy Editor


Writer - Montreal Community Contact

*Winner, Quebec Writers Federation

first place prize for published articles

*Published various articles in Kola Magazine, and other literary periodicals.

*Quebec Writers Federation First place prize winner for alternative publications

*Contributor to various poetry anthologies

The cliché “writing is a solitary pursuit,” is a truism; but only those who do can truly enjoy it. For me writing is not about recognition, it’s about respecting the love of the craft. So I do it.

It’s not about adulation, public or otherwise, it’s about utilizing the writing craft to bring issues impacting others to the public. Depending on the written subject, every article means something to one reader or many others. As such it becomes the impact for writing, that lonely pursuit.

As a global citizen, my writings and worldview are a reflection and reaction to the world I inhabit and how I, as well as others, are impacted.

Literary or other recognition is not my desire, having a literary voice that moves one or more people is ample satisfaction, in my view.

My words are simply a reflection of others feelings… As long as I’m living, breathing and thinking I will keep writing.

Thanks to Dawson College, Concordia and McGill Universities for their roles in the academic process over the years.

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